Jon Muir O .A. M.

  • 1975: Started rock climbing at age 14.

  • 1976-89: Lots of rock climbing up to grade 28, many new routes. Most prolific solo climber in Australia( see Arapiles Selected Climbs, New Edition) Extensive climbing and numerous hard routes in the Southern Alps, New Zealand.

  • 1982 French Alps: Freney Pillar on Mont Blanc(4807m), Walker Spur on Grand Jorasses(4208m), and many other big mixed climbs. .

  • 1982: First alpine-style ascent of the South West Pillar of Changabang, Himalaya.

  • 1983: Alps solo ascent of North Face of Matterhorn(4478m), solo speed record ascent of North Face of Piz Badile(3370m)

  • 1984: Attempt on West Ridge of Everest(8848m), Craig Nottle and Fred From killed in falls.

  • 1985: Alps: winter traverse of Mount Maudit, Mont Blanc du Tacul and Mont Blanc. Attempt on Shivling, S.W Pillar. One day ascent of Kedarnath Dome(6850m)

  • 1986: Himalaya: new route on Shivling,South West Pillar (unrepeated)

  • 1986: Alps, solo speed record of Frontier ridge of Mont Blanc.

  • 1987: Himalaya; attempt on new multi-peak traverse of Kedarnath Group (Dome 6850m,Peak 7015m, Kirti Bamak 6500m) followed by epic descent, completed route on second attempt, solo-10km high level traverse in 41 hours.

  • 1987: Attempt on South Pillar of Everest.

  • 1988: ascent of Everest from south (Australian Bicentennial Expedition) – first ascent of south side of mountain without sherpas. Reached summit alone.

  • 1989: Andes, one day ascent of Aconcagua(6960)

  • 1990: epic attempt of South Face of Aconcagua.

  • 1996: 'Walk to Nowhere’ –solo waterless desert trek, Lake Eyre and Tirari Desert- 34days, 620km, 260kg cart.

  • 1997-2000: 3 attempts on unsupported traverse of Australia. Solo sea-kayaking east coast Cape York Peninsula, 52 Days, 800km.

  • 1991-1992: short trips into the Australian desert, including two week trek surviving on bush tucker alone.

  • 1993 and 1995: Himalaya: attempts on the North Ridge of Everest (as guide)

  • 1995: Sea-kayaking, Daintree River to Cape York- 62 days,900km.

  • 1996-1999: First traverse on foot of largest salt lakes in Australia (solo) –Lake Eyre, Lake Frome, Lake Gairdner.

  • 1996: 'Walk to Nowhere' -solo waterless desert trek, Lake Eyre and Tirari Desert-34 Days,620km, 260kg cart.

  • 1997-2000: 3 attempts on unsupported trverse of Australia. Solo sea-kayaking, east coast Cape York Peninsula-52 Days, 800km.

  • 1998-1999: Ice Trek South Pole Expedition( with Eric Philips and Peter Hillary) – 84 Days, 1500km, New route via Shackleton Glacier.

  • 2001: First ever unassisted crossing of Australia, solo from Port Augusta to Burketown, 2500km and 128 Days.

  • 2002: Unassisted trek to the North Pole from Siberia, with Eric Philips.

  • 2004: Sea-kayak hunting and gathering journey with Suzan Muir, 1000km, 120 days.

  • 2006: Attempt walk to Geographic Center of Australia.

  • 2007: Completed unassisted solo walk to Geographic Center of Australia, 70 Days nonstop, 1800km. Most difficult expedition of career thus far.

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